Zoff Reward and T&C

Zoff Reward

1.     Registered customers can earn Zoff Points by shopping with us. Click here to register.

2.     One Zoff Point will be awarded for one HK dollar net spending on our online store. E.g. Registered customer can earn 660 Zoff Points with net spending of HK$660.

3.     Registered customers can use earned Zoff Points to exchange prevailing rewards available in our online store.

4.     Zoff Points earned from 1st Jan, 2020 to 31st  Dec, 2020 will expire on 1st  Jan 2022.

        Zoff Points earned in 2021 will expire on 1st Jan 2023 and so on.


Terms & Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions, “FWC” or “Zoff Wine” or “we” or “us” means Fine Wine Corner Ltd., and “Online Store” means www.zoffine.com which is owned and operated by FWC. These Terms and Conditions apply to registered customers, loyalty programs and rewards benefits under Online Store. A registered customer refers to the one who created an account in Online Store. A registered customer will be able to receive and redeem various benefits offered by Online Store subject to these Terms and Conditions and other relevant terms which may be announced or notified to registered customers from time to time by different means of communication.

1. Eligibility. One must be aged 18 years or over and have a valid Hong Kong address in order to create an account in Online Store and become a registered customer.

2. Zoff Point. Zoff Point will be awarded to registered customer for every dollar of his/her net spending on Online Store. The exchange ratios shall be solely determined and may be adjusted from time to time by Zoff Wine, and the ratios may be different at different customer tiers. Unless officially announced otherwise, the exchange ratios will be posted on Online Store. Awarded Zoff Points will be automatically credited into the registered customer’s account.

3. Validity. The validity period of all Zoff Points will be fixed at the time they are credited into the registered customer’s account. Notwithstanding any information regarding the validity of Zoff Points published on websites or through other materials, registered customers shall take the information shown on their accounts regarding validity of Zoff Points as accurate and arrange the redemption accordingly.

4. Redemption. At no time and under no circumstance could any Zoff Point be converted into cash. Registered customer can use his/her Zoff Points to exchange benefits according to the prevailing marketing programs on Online Store.

5. Account adjustments. All Zoff Points credited to a registered customer’s account can be used by the registered customer and Zoff Wine has the right to make subsequent adjustments to the account without prior notification to rectify any inaccurate entries according to the circumstances including but not limited to:
a) cancellation, reversal or refund of any relevant qualifying services or eligible spending
b) in the case of actual or suspected fraud
c) any other scenarios as Zoff Wine sees fair and just in safeguarding the integrity of Zoff Points transactions.

6. Change of T&C. Zoff Wine reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

7. Interpretation of Terms. The interpretations of these Terms and Conditions and all other terms and conditions applicable shall be at Zoff Wine’s sole discretion and decisions which will be final and conclusive. In the event of any dispute, Zoff Wine’s decisions will be final and conclusive. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and any translated version, the English language version will prevail.

8. Termination. Zoff Wine reserves the right to terminate Zoff Reward program, Zoff Point, reward benefits and any loyalty programs under Online Store without prior notification. Upon termination, all unused Zoff Points and redeemed benefits will be deemed forfeited and in respect of which Zoff Wine shall owe no liability to the registered customers or to any other persons.


Zoff Reward

1.     登記客戶可在本網店購物賺取 Zoff Points。請按此登記

2.     每一港元淨消費額可賺取一個 Zoff Point。例如,$660 淨消費額可賺取 660 Zoff Points

3.     登記客戶可使用已賺取的 Zoff Points 換取本網店當時提供之各項優惠

4.     202011日到20201231日期間賺取的Zoff Points,會於 202211日到期。而於 2021年賺取的 Zoff Points 則會於 202311日到期,如此類推。



在本條款及細則中,FWC或 Zoff Wine 「我們」是指醇酒坊有限公司,而「本網店」或網店」或 Online Store是指網站 www.zoffwine.com.  FWC 擁有並經營 www.zoffwine.com. 本條款及細則適用於本網店登記的客戶提供登記客戶的相關優惠活動和推廣。登記客戶可以透過在本網店購物而獲得及/或兌換本網店提供之各項優惠,惟須受本條款及條件細則及其他不時透過不同通訊方式向會員公佈或通知的其他相關條款約束。

1. 資格 - 要成為登記客戶,申請人須為18歲或以上人士並持香港有效住址。

2. Zoff Point - 登記客戶在本網店的淨消費額會自動兌換成 Zoff Point。本網店有權決定淨消費額對 Zoff Point 的兌換比例,而兌換比例可因應客戶級別而有所不同。兌換比例會在本網店公佈。兌換成的 Zoff Point 會自到存入登記客戶在本網站的賬戶。

3. 有效期 - 所有Zoff Point的有效期將在被存入登記客戶帳戶之時決定。儘管網站或透過其他材料發表有關Zoff Point之有效期的任何資料,會員應根據其會員帳戶中所顯示有關Zoff Point的有效期為準並相應地換取其他優惠。

4. 兌換 - 在任何時候及情況下,Zoff Point不可兌換為現金登記客戶可用其 Zoff Points 兌換成在其時在本網店有效的優惠。

5. 帳戶調整 -登記客戶可使用已存入其帳戶的Zoff Points,惟本網店可隨後對帳戶作任何調整而不另行通知,以糾正任何不準確的存入紀錄。

6. 修改 - 本網站有權更改此條款及細則而不作任可通知。

7. 條款的闡釋 - 本網店有全權酌情權決定所有條款及細則及規則的闡釋,而其決定將為最終。若出現任何相關爭議,本網店的決定將為最終。如本條款及細則的英文版本與任何翻譯版本有任何歧義,一概以英文版本為凖。

8. 結束 -本網店有權結束 Zoff Point 和相關優惠而不作任可通知。在結束當日,任何剩餘並未使用的Zoff Points和相關已兌換但未使用的優惠會被視為作廢。本網店就此將不向有關登記客戶或任何其他人士承擔任何責任。